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2019 Medical Coding Books – Worth the Money?

I’ve been getting this question A LOT lately…Do I need the newest (2019) medical coding books to pass the AAPC, Certified Professional Coder Exam? The answer is no. Therefore, you are not required to have current year codebooks on exam day. However, if you can afford the $250-$350, go for it. Unfortunately, the number one reason potential coders never become Certified Professional Coders, is the cost of training and books prevents them from pursuing the career they want. Yearly revisions are widely available online and sometimes new students can save up to 80% by purchasing used prior year coding books

You are required to purchase the current year books when you take the AAPC course. Because of this,  many students take an independent instructor’s class and use whatever books you can afford. Imagine becoming a certified professional coder at a fraction of the cost with an independent course and affordable books.

I have two 2019 ICD-10 code books I’ll be giving away for FREE! If you’re in need of one just go over to

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