How a Simple Question Helped Me Start A Medical Coding Career

How a Simple Question Helped Me Start A Medical Coding Career

Hello, My name is Marisa Bueno I come from a small town in Florida. I always get asked, how did you do it and how can I become a certified professional coder too? My journey actually started when I had a conversation with one of my relatives and she asked me a question that changed my life. “What do you have to fall back on?” I kept repeating that question in my head for days and days. What do I have? 

I decided that I needed to do something and quick. I always had an interest in medical billing and coding so I decided to go back to school. First, I went for my General Education Diploma. Yes the BIG GED. Which many people are ashamed of but to me that was the first step. I passed and was awarded my GED from Daytona State College. 

Then, I left my job to pursue my education full time. During this process I came to find out I was expecting! Yes, after having a miscarriage and given an 20% chance of ever conceiving ever again. I knew I had to have this degree now more than ever since I was going to be a mom soon, so I signed up for medical coding college courses. They were very helpful and always welcoming to me. I graduated 04/2018 with my family and husband there as the oldest in the family to graduate from college. I was very thankful for everyone who supported me through this journey because I knew their support was a big key to helping me continue.

This is were the idea of starting my Instagram Blog came to life. It provides support, learning and something new. I also wanted to share triumphs and even find the answers to questions that may not seem clear. 

I was fresh out of college I knew I needed experience so, I started working with a family practice to get my foot in the door. This helped me grasp what I would be doing in the medical billing field.  It consisted of calling insurance companies, knowing if a patient is active and the status of a claim. I left this employer to pursue a career in which I would be putting my degree into practice. Like they say a certification and degree without action is just an expensive piece of paper. 

I then became pregnant with my third child he is actually 5 months old today! I would say being pregnant and having a two year old and and 9 year old and having to study was hard but knowing that I can have something to give them in the future, such as me being home more often, is the goal. Every mom wants to work remotely so we have that comfort of knowing are children are safe. We have to face the fact that this world is not the same world we knew growing up. 

I then came across an externship with Synergy Billing in Holly Hill, FL. The little light bulb in my head went on! I knew here I could see myself grow! Synergy is a billing company who works with FQHC Clinics and helps keep claims resolved in 30 days or less! How awesome is that! I then was offered a position as a Accounts Receivable Specialist. I remember getting the call if I would want to be a Synergist and it was a great feeling! Ladies I want you to ask yourself what do you have to fall back on? Start by seeking information. Take that first step. If you’re studying to become certified don’t give up, don’t ever settle for less. 2019 is the year of the women! This is our year!

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